I Corni di Nibbio

I Corni di Nibbio

I Corni di Nibbio


Once you reach the village of Nibbio, you’ll have no trouble recognizing our B&B because of the large distinctive sundial, cleverly fabricated by our friend Rodolfo. We wished to have this device so as to convey our notion of hospitality and underlying philosophy. The pace of modern life has made us all slaves to the most precise timekeeping; constantly having to respect deadlines inevitably causes stress and nervous tension. So this sundial is an invitation to romantically repossess your time and dedicate it to yourselves and your beloved ones without all the frenetic hustle and bustle. Observing the shadow cast and working out the time is relaxing and recalls the rhythms and seasons of life in the countryside. At least, during your stay as our welcome guests, let it be an invitation to experience and reconcile with nature and its rhythms, without the stress that the frantic pace of modern life imposes on all of us.


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